Lindsay Young

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Leading teams that fuel efficient, open governance



18F, General Services Administration

September 2014 to the Present
Lead Innovation Specialist
  • Applying start-up and agile development principles to government projects.
  • The FEC project revolutionized the way the FEC shares data and reimagined how citizens, journalists, and transparency seekers connect with campaign finance. We delivered the FEC’s first API and redesigned using an agile and user-centered process. Not only did FEC's website improve, the FEC has modernized its processes and adopted best practices like testing, source control, open source, agile and user centered design. The FEC estimates that this project saves the FEC $1.2 million a year in infrastructure costs by migrating to the cloud.
Technical Lead Duties
  • Prioritized technical tasks to ensure success of the project
  • Coordinated security compliance. As system owner, lead the team through the security approval
  • Coached and trained engineers on the FEC team on Security compliance, incident response, GitHub, Python, Django, Flask, Celery, Redis,, Cloud Foundry, and restful APIs
  • Taught best practices, including source control, testing, automation, user centered design
  • Created staffing and training plans for (20?) technical members
  • Lead incident response
Technical Consulting Studies
  • Co-lead technology policy initiatives to advance the FEC’s cloud portfolio and e-filing system.
  • FEC E-filing study: A 2016 project to understand how the FEC can modernize the e-filing system to get better quality data, be responsive to user needs, and handle increasing volumes of data. I co authored the study The vision outlined in the study’s presentation acted as a foundation for the FEC plan its upcoming technical priorities.
  • FEC Cloud study: A 2016-2017 project assessing the state of FEC IT that resulted in process changes and an inventory prototype. We scoped and planed out the steps to make the FEC an innovative, cloud-first agency. The study was created collaboratively with the FEC with workshops bringing together management and technicians . This formed a written plan that outlined management approaches that will deliver modernized infrastructure.
18F engineering team leader
  • Conducted yearly reviews by collecting peer reviews and synthesizing it into actionable feedback
  • Encouraged professional development for the seven engineers that were in my team
  • Helped team members navigating business and bureaucratic processes
  • Advocated for internal policies that help 18F and its engineers

Adjunct Faculty, Johns Hopkins University

Fall 2015, Summer 2016
  • Unleashing Open Data with Python for the Master of Science in Government Analytics program. Designed and taught a Python course for graduate students how to use Python to collect and analyze data and display their project as a website. Graduate students ranged from those with no programming skills to professional programmers.

ECA Professional Fellow, International Center for Journalists

July 2014-Feb 2015
  • One of the first American fellows to travel to the Middle East/North Africa and back under ICFJ's exchange program. The first ICFJ program to integrate business planning and revenue strategy with training in digital media.
  • Fellow, "Unlocking the Economic Potential of Digital Media," a professional fellowship program managed by the International Center for Journalists and funded by the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA).

Sunlight Foundation

Nov 2010 - Sept 2014
Title: Software Engineer
Former titles: Reporter, Researcher
  • Lead software engineer on vital projects, including large scale data projects and user facing properties.
  • Coordinated across Design, Communications and Policy departments to strategize, develop and launch web products that use government data to connect journalists and citizens to their government.
  • Foreign Influence Explorer
    (Python, Django) A project that turns DOJ records into a database and website about foreign influence in the US.
  • Congress API
    (Ruby, Sinatra) An API about the work and structure of Congress.
  • Scout
    (Ruby, Sinatra) An alert service that delivers emails about Congress, regulations, state governments and court documents.
  • Capitol Words
    (Python Django) A website and API that ingests and parses the Congressional Record.
Writing: Other experience:
  • Co-Organized TransparencyCamp 2013-2014, The Sunlight Foundation's annual conference. Worked across departments managing personnel and logistics for the event.
  • Helped craft policy agenda on foreign lobbying and contributed to getting FARA reform into the DOJ's Open Government Plan.
  • My work has been cited by: The New York Times, Washington Post, TIME Swampland, Washington Times, National Journal, Politico, Huffington Post, CNN Money, Reuters, Atlantic Wire, USA Today and other media outlets.
Morgan Training Company Oct 2007 – May 2009
Title: Marketing Analyst (P/T)
  • Morgan Training Company provides sales training to engineering professionals. I analyzed customer satisfaction surveys using quantitative and qualitative methods. I compiled the results into a report and chose testimonials for marketing materials.
The Senatorial Office of Byron Dorgan Aug 2006 – Dec 2006
Title: Intern
  • I conducted research, wrote memos and constiuent letters. I also produced graphics, wrote a brochure, and composed an office tour guide manual using verified information including maps, a glossary, and talking points.
The Congressional Office of Anna Eshoo Sept 2005 – Dec 2005
Title: Intern
  • I wrote a constituent letter and performed receptionist duties . I obtained Congressional Research Service Certification and used CRS services provided by the Library of Congress.


Pepperdine University

University California, Riverside


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